Monday, 30 May 2011

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Published: 31st March 2011
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 400
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Rating: ★★★.5

Sutton Mercer had a life anyone would kill for – and someone did. But thanks to a view from the afterlife and Emma Paxton, her long-lost twin sister, Sutton has a chance to solve her own murder. Emma slips into Sutton’s old life to piece together her disappearance. But can Emma keep up the charade long enough to discover what really happened to Sutton…or will she become the next victim?
Let the lying games begin.

So I'm a big fan of Sara Shepard since her debut 'Pretty Little Liars' I loved that book so much and it took me ages to find its sequal 'Flawless', anyway I was very happy when I came across this novel from her in my local Waterstones the other month. I thought the plot sounded intriguing enough and liked the idea of a murder mystery type plot.
However I can't help but feel that Shepard is recyling her plotline from her 'Pretty Little Liars' series, I know the plotline isn't identical but you can certainly draw comparisons which sort of bugged me a bit.

I found Emma's character a tad annoying, I just thought she needed to lighten up a little (yes I know the whole experience is meant to be traumatic for her, but she's meant to be fitting into Sutton's life). I like how the mystery unravels and in true Sara Shepard style she leaves you wanting more at the end of the book.
I just hope with this series, she doesn't drag it on for too long. I did find that her 'Pretty Little Liars' series just went on for too long and when they were meant to be finished she decides to write another two books! *sigh*

Anyway if you're into light glossy teen murder mysteries then I recommened you this book or anyone who is a fan of 'Pretty Little Liars'. I wouldn't say this book is a miss as it was a good read, and I managed to finish it in just under two days so it did keep me hooked, but its nothing too complex and thrilling.

I just hope future novels from Sara Shepard are a bit more original.

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